Waist Fat Can Trigger Ovarian Cancer

Waist Fat Can Trigger Ovarian Cancer

Most people would like to have a slim waist and flat stomach. In addition useful for beauty and body, waist size can also affect a woman’s health risks, especially the possibility of ovarian cancer.

The researchers found that the deposition of fat around the waist can trigger the proliferation of ovarian cancer. In 80 percent of cases, the tumor spread in the area of the fat deposition when this disease is diagnosed.

Oil glands located at the top of the abdomen are useful to support the organs. Increased oil glands are often accompanied by tumor growth. This conclusion has been made by scientists from the University of Chicago who conducted experiments on mouse under the supervision of Professor Ernst Lengyel. They took the ovarian cancer cells and then injected into healthy mouse stomach. In just 20 minutes, these cells reach the fat glands. They found that a protein signal emitted by the oil glands, attract cancer cells. Reducing fat in the abdomen will help to reduce the arrival of at least 50 percent of cancer cells.

In addition, after penetrating oil glands, the cancer cells began to change and receive nutrients from fat cells. As a result, the cancer grows faster.

According to the researchers who collected Genius Beauty, a fatty acid binding protein (FABP4) can have a role in this process. The fact is that cancer cells produce large concentrations of FABP4 at fatty glands.

By blocking this protein, the transport of nutrients from fat cells turn into cancer can be reduced significantly. Tumor growth can also be reduced by cutting the ability to form new blood vessels.