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Great Finds at Natural Products Expo

MomNatural Products Expo West was once again a fantastic and huge show!  

It had been years since I attended the show as an exhibitor and was thrilled that the show did not disappoint.  

While I spent most of my time working our Bloom’en Nutrition booth, I did sneak away a couple of times to stroll the endless isles of Natural Products looking for yummy, healthy products for my toddler, Ella.  While all of our favorite big brands where there - Horizon with their DHA Omega 3 milk, Odwalla with the Protein drinks that get me through hairy afternoons  and Burts Bees with the best booth promotion I’ve every seen, design your own lipgloss flavor, I discovered two new brands that I hope become favorites in our house.

First I found, Mom Made Foods  only a few booths away from our Bloom’en booth.  I love how they focus on healthy organic foods for kids in meals that are already familiar favorites like cheese pizza and cheesy mac.  The names don’t sound healthy but the ingredients sure are - you’ll be pleasantly surprised to read their ingredient listing and find squash, sweet potatoes, peas, etc…  Ella tried her first cheese pizza yesterday for lunch and loved it.  We can’t wait to try the cheesy mac today!!  

I also found a company called Peas of Mind.  Their booth caught my attention with their new veggie sticks - breadstick like vegetables.  Ella loves things that she can feed herself and they looked like a great way to get even more vegetables into her diet.  I went to order them on Amazon but I guess they are so new they aren’t listed yet - we’ll wait and try back in a few weeks.  But while looking for the “sticks” we found their Puffet line.   They can explain it better then me but basically it’s a handheld way for your little one to have a full vegetable dinner.  We bought a variety pack and we’ll have Ella’s feedback within the week.

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Following Up on Leads for Chewable Prental Vitamins

The natural products trade show last weekend was phenomenal. I think we handed out over 400 two-chew samples and we made a lot of great contacts. This week has been spent following up on the various conversations that we had on the booth and connecting with some of the wonderful people that we met.

Now that we have made contact with the many people in this industry, it is a matter of connecting with them and their peers to get additional retail space in their stores. The conversations are many and the interest is huge, so look for chewable prenatal vitamins from Bloom’en Nutrition to hit a natural food store you soon.

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Another Learning Opportunity for the Retail Side of the Business

Our booth at the Natural Products Expo West event this weekend was fantastic.  There were so many different exhibitors that it could literally make your head spin.  Every product in the natural market was on display; with products ranging from organic baby stuffed animals to a really yummy ice cream stuffed rice crispy square.  Okay, I am not sure why rice crispies popped up at a natural food and vitamin show, but boy they were good. 

A lot of people stopped by the Bloom’en Nutrition Chewable Prenatal Vitamin Booth to grab a sample and hear a little bit about our company.  We had some great discussions with potential clients and distributors and were the belle of the ball for all of the pregnant mothers who walked by as well as all of the new mommies who were still breastfeeding.  

Overall it was a great show.  I learned a lot about the retail distribution side of this industry, which is how many of the vitamin retailers buy and stock products.  I also made contact with many of the people that you need to know to establish distribution.  

As I said, it was a great learning experience, but very taxing as well.  I am tired from the show and my feet hurt from standing, but it is now time to press on.  The next step is to follow up with all of my new contacts and get these great tasting chewable prenatal vitamins into a store near you.

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Prenatal Vitamins at Natural Products Expo

It is the first day of the world’s largest natural product, food and vitamin expo and our booth for Bloom’en Nutrition Chewable Prenatal Vitamins is up and running.  I think it turned out beautifully given the resources that we had available to create it.  Below are a few pictures of the booth with Michelle, one of our great partners in this project. 

It has been a lot of work getting the ready for this show, and it is amazing how much trade show  “gear” you can get at an Ikea store.  In fact, aside from the printed product screens, out booth is more or less a testament to what you can do with a few hutches, chairs, and tables from your local Ikea store.   Now it is just a matter of trying to meet every product buyer for every natural product store in the country and convincing them that this fantastic product would look great on their shelves.  If things go well this week, Bloom’en may be coming to natural and organic food store near you. 

Our schedule this week is that our distribution partners will be working the show today, I will be working the show tomorrow and Sunday.  If you happen to be at Expo, please stop by and say hi.  I would love to meet you.

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