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Industrial Hygiene Assessments    Absolute health

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Having Industrial Hygiene Assessment Done on a Doctor’s Office Owning your own doctor’s office can be a rewarding experience.  You are able to help your patients and encourage them to live healthier lives.  You are also able to run a business that makes a lot of money over the course of the year.  When it comes to running a doctor’s office, there are certain things that go into operating a business like this.  You probably leave all of the cleaning to your nursing staff or a specialty cleaning company, but there is no guarantee that the office is clean enough to keep patients from getting sick.

Do I Need A Industrial Hygiene Assessment

There are a few reasons why you might hire a company to do an industrial hygiene assessment of the office.  The first reason for having your office assessed would be to eliminate the chance of infection or illness spreading around the office.  For example, you may notice that a patient comes in with a very bad flu and your entire nursing staff gets the same thing a week or so later.  The reason for this is because whatever the patient sat on or used was not cleaned properly.  This is definitely a health risk factor and only a professional assessment company will be able to find these things for you.

Getting the office assessed for health risks is a responsible step to protecting your staff and your patients.  You will find that the office is cleaner and you have less staff calling out because of sickness than before.  Cleaning the entire office yourself or having other people do it may not necessarily be taking care of all of the germs and bacteria that are present.  Your staff may also be so used to their daily work routine that things get left dirty without much notice.

The first thing you will want to do is to visit a industrial hygiene services company about doing an industrial hygiene assessment of your office.  You will also be able to talk to them about prices and rates for this type of assessment.  You can then set up an appointment to have the inspection done by several of their knowledgeable staff members.  The entire inspection should only take about one or two hours, depending on the size of your office.  You will then be able to sit down and discuss with the company what their findings were while they were doing the inspection.

You may be amazed to see just how many things were out of code in your office.  Things that might have been dirty or used and reused on the next patient without being thoroughly cleaned.  This type of company can literally help to save your business by ensuring that you are following hygiene regulations at all times.  After all, there is very little chance that you can watch your staff every minute of the day to make sure that everything is being done perfectly.  The industrial hygiene assessment company will be able to find all of these things out for you so that you do not worry about it.

Many doctors offices are finding that hiring an assessment company helps them to stay as professional as possible.  You will be able to make certain changes to your staff if you find that one of your nurses is not cleaning things properly and is risking patients’ health.  Hiring one of these companies only takes about a minute or two of your time.  You need only contact them by telephone and tell them when to come in to do the assessment.  Many people find this to be a thoroughly rewarding experience for their budding business in the healthcare industry.

To protect and prevent your staff and patients from any health risks, a responsible thing to do, is to get a industrial hygiene assessment. Our team can offer any company industrial hygiene services, contact us today!

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