Things draw after draw of M.U

Things draw after draw of M.U

After an impressive start, MU stalled at Old Trafford with unconvincing performances against Newcastle. Here are 5 things after 0-0 draw.

In fact, the pupil of trainer (coach) Louis van Gaal made a game not so bad. Their only weakness is transformed opportunities into goals. Respectively Mata, Depay and Rooney missed many situations to open the vulnerable points for the home side. Hope Chicharito came on and missed a good opportunity in a blameworthy while Dutch coach continually regret that goal in Vietnam of Rooney position.

Things draw after draw of M.U

5 things draw after draw of M.U
Coach Van Gaal and his colleagues will have much work to do to put MU back to number one Premier League.

Defense can bring the difference this season

Though impenetrable defense was extremely tight organization of coach Steve McClaren, Luke Shaw and Matteo Darmian had a good game. Last year''s point guard is the weakest link in the team of coach Louis van Gaal. Luke Shaw''s injury and poor performances of Rafael made Dutchman must pull Daley Blind, Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young played to fill the position of 2 players.

But hope has returned to Old Trafford with the re-emergence of rookie Luke Shaw and Matteo Darmian. Shaw has become more elegant, way sharper in every shadow, while DARMIAN again impressed at right-back position with quick judgment and clever gameplay. Manchester United this season is sure to have many pieces to surprise opponents by pairing defender relatively young and very versatile.

Paul Scholes criticized Van Gaal after draw Newcastle
Dutch tactician said that Manchester United offer a great match. However, veteran midfielder Paul Scholes does not think so.

Schweinsteiger can not accomplish much

The only change that coach Louis van Gaal made against Newcastle was the contribution of Schweinsteiger in central midfield. The decision is part of this recklessness of the Dutch military rulers showed no effect, whereas Manchester United''s midfield play quite lifeless when Germany striker took the field.

Schweinsteiger played lackluster and down very clearly by knee injury. He had to make way for Michael Carrick and seemed to immediately face the attack of Manchester United has progressed. Former Bayern Munich midfielder came out pitch screen applause from the sidelines, but he must prove his efforts in the next round to match the expectations of fans.

Schweinsteiger - ''the old man'' slow in Old Trafford
German midfielder played no really successful when the first stone in the squad, "Red Devils". He had reluctantly made way for Michael Carrick in the 59th minute.

Januzaj gradual return to form
Adnan Januzaj, the first season played under the direction of coach Louis van Gaal and the present time is very different. Unlike the great progress that young Belgian midfielder has had under David Moyes, Januzaj only eight appearances for Manchester United and has made strategist at Dutch want to get rid of him from the Old Trafford last season.

After physical training trip before the season and Luke Shaw, Januzaj showed a completely different side and gain official position in the team of coach Louis van Gaal. Belgian midfielder has played creative, quirky and himself earned three points for Manchester United in the previous round. The only dark point in the match with Newcastle''s display temper tantrums before being substituted when playing time is only 23 minutes longer mere, fortunately this ugly action the referee was not looking.
Rooney continued in darkness

Pressure on England striker guy this time great, Wayne Rooney has not scored a goal in the first 3 rounds. Even in the last match, in addition to situations put the ball in your stance Vietnam, Rooney did not have any finish noticeable to the goal by Tim Krul. He played a lackluster and lost in the attack of Manchester United.

Rooney has not regained feeling of a striker. Photo: Getty Images
Rooney is currently the best option for the striker position of coach Louis van Gaal, but he is constantly moving down the midfield to develop attack as a routine last season. This makes the satellites around Rooney has no specific address to pass.

A new striker would be a solution to save Rooney from scoring responsibility at this point, but the British star who need to change their style of play. Manchester United now need a striker can transform opportunities into goals, not an organized offensive midfielder.

Things draw after draw of M.U

Van Gaal declared without striker MU
''Reds'' goalless draw with Newcastle on Old Trafford, but disappointing performance of public goods do not coach (coach) Van Gaal worry.

Newcastle has invested exactly

Newcastle is in the top 5 teams spend the most in Europe this season and No. 2 in the Premier League. With a squad to be strengthened so powerful, coach Steve McClaren''s troops showed the effectiveness of the path they are pursuing.

Aleksandar Mitrovic Striker is a good example for the proper investment of Steve McClaren. The contract was put on the amount of up to 13 million pounds had a header against the crossbar before the inability of Matteo Darmian and goalkeeper Sergio Romero.

Not only that, the likes Georginio Wijnaldum or THAUVIN contains certain contribution after being introduced as a substitute. Goalkeeper Tim Krul also had an excellent game with many situations saves for the visitors, especially two of Mata''s finish and Chicharito. Steve McClaren''s team made a valiant battle with reasonable tactic, they deserve to get 1 point before the home team Manchester United.